Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's A BOY

I thought this was really cute, the doctor just pick up Sadie and put her on the table next to Aimee. I was really cool because I had my two girls up there listen to my first boy! It was a big eye opener to see my family growing up!!

I had to laugh at Sadie on this one she wanted to touch the heart thing so bad, it was amazing you did not get all in the goo that is on Aime belly she was more interested in the monitor! I think she know that heart beat from Heaven!

Bath Time!!!

You know it's bath time when the robe comes out, Aimee has had this robe for a while and wanted to use it I think she is really cute in it I might add!

She kind of looks a little too grown up in this one, she has her robe on reading magazine, we start are kids early around here!