Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well I have been down with the flu for the past couple of days and have just ventured out of the house today so that is good. We ended up tinting our car windows for the baby of course, nothing for our gratification by any means. We have a cool baptism of a guy today named mark which pops spoke at. We didn't go but I heard it was great the cool story behind him is when we first meet him he was a person you look at and those that have not been on a mission would think I really don't think this guy going to make it. The spirit can change you if that what you want it to, he has giving up smoking, coffee, and is living a life for Christ.

Friday, February 8, 2008


So we found out we are having a girl and I just want to throw in some new pic's of the baby room. Seeing that this will be my first baby I am way excited, nervous, and I am sure other words I can't spell. I hope to keep you on top of any news with the baby..

Aimee Paint job Crib with Classic Pooh

You know you want to sit in it!

Here we go

So here we are finally pressured into creating out own blog site by the never ending talent of Mrs. Sarah (Wait, were did you go). I guess to introduce the starting line up we have at the position of wife/princess/youth/beautiful Mrs. Aimee and last but not least the ever humble David(me)!