Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well the past few week Sadie has begun crawling every where, and love to climb up on anything and shimmy around the house. No longer are the days of having fun in one location the dog food has to be put up, magazines are fun to tear, and if I look away for two sec I have to go on a hunt to try to find her!
This is Sadie shimmying around on furniture she like to hang in the living room going from the couches, to the coffee table, and then to the treadmill

Yes, it's pink and she love to walk around with this but she does not know how to turn so if she hits a while she general try's to power thought it which usually ends up clasping on the ground crying because she can't go forward!
We are trying to get her used to dolls because we will have a new baby on the way and we want her to have her baby and mom have hers, so she can feed the baby when mommy feeds the new baby. We are crossing your fingers it is a smooth transition!
I had to put this on, she is a crazy monkey and is into anything.
Representing the Doeboy wear, Dad is so proud she is keeping on the traditions!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

This Sunday we have had our first snow storm since we have live here, needless to say this is Sadie's first snow day and Aimee and I took the advantage to build a sweet snowman (Peire a the Frenchman)!